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Talk Pinball: About Us
About Us

Talk Pinball was created in January 2007 in an effort to provide another means to promote and discuss pinball as a hobby and pass-time. The idea of a webcast where enthusiasts can listen from around the world is yet another great way to keep in touch in this hobby.

Behind the mic.. Your hosts of Talk Pinball!

Jesse Kujawa (Pinball Magic)
Jesse is a hobbyist/collector of pinball machines and coin-op games. Just like many others, Jesse developed an interest in pinball machines as a child. He used to hang out at the mall arcade and bowling alleys playing pinball. One of his most memorable pinball moments was when he went on a camping trip in northern Wisconsin in the early 80's. Jesse says "There was a field house next to the lake where you could rent paddle boats, buy bait and ice cream treats. They also had an area with a jukebox, pinball machines, and pool table. Late at night, I would sneak over to the field house and play pinball. It was so quiet around me and it felt like I was "one" with the game. I had a lot of fun and knew I was hooked on pinball!"
Jesse stared collecting Pachislo slot machines in 2000 and bought his first pinball machine the following year. Over the years he's been restoring and fixing games for people in his area. He says his career choices and other hobbies have helped him "prepare" for the pinball hobby. Jesse has been a licensed, Amateur Radio operator since 1994. "I used to repair old, tube radios and build kits", said Jesse. He is also a musician and has been playing since he was 11. He's had some interesting jobs over the years. "I've been a welder, kitchen cabinet builder, telecommunications equipment technician, and IT Systems Admnistator", Jesse said; "All of which have helped me in this hobby in one way or another".
Jesse's current collection consists of several older solid-state Bally games. He also has a Twilight Zone and Bally electro-mechanical pin.
He has also been hosting a pinball chat on Sunday nights since 2002. For more information about Jesse, visit

Lloyd Olson (LTG)
Lloyd is a veteran of the coin operated industry. Was born into the industry. His earliest memories are of mechanical baseball games and pinball. When he was about 5 years old, his parents dragged a Kentucky Derby pinball machine into the basement for him to play with. It was during this time he was first learning to solder, and attempted to make his own pinball machine. Also started to build a boat in a building his father rented to base his coin operated route from.
Lloyd's parents divorced when he was eight years old. His father continuing in the coin operated business, his mother ended her career at Honeywell and bought a bar. In the early 1960's his Father bought the Rifle Sport Arcade at 812 Hennepin Avenue, a fixture in downtown Minneapolis for about thirty years. Lloyd spent a lot of his free time and summers helping at the arcade and during the Minnesota State Fair worked at a shooting range his father ran. These were not the happiest of memories for Lloyd, it was a time of hard work, and he was being guided down a path where it was expected he would eventually run his father's business and someday inherit it. During the summers he worked mowing lawns and weeding gardens.
One of Lloyd's best pinball memories came from around this time. While on vacation in Grand Marais Minnesota, Lloyd helped Gordy, who owned The Harbor Lights bar and cabins cover his pool table. An operator had an old Harbor Lights pinball machine there, and after hours Lloyd and Gordy would have a few beers and play pinball. Those were some great times.

In 1972 Lloyd quit working for his father and worked for Advance Carter, a large company that operated machines and arcades. This was the same time his mother bought SS Billiards with his help. After one year Lloyd went full time at SS Billiards, buying out his mother's interests in February 1979 and purchasing his own games. The first new machine he ever bought was Gottlieb's Pinball Pool. This was the beginning of some great times, the rise of solid state games, the video game fad exploded. Through his distributor Lieberman Music Company, Lloyd was a test operator for Gottlieb, Williams, and Bally. The first test game he had was Williams' Black Knight.

He's been fortunate to see so many changes in the industry, and experience so many varieties of the business. The manufacturer schools, meeting many recording artists when the 45rpm industry was thriving on juke boxes, uncrated many machines when new, that we see being restored now. Even the down turn in the industry which has changed his business to today where he is trying to have that niche market with pinball machines, and parties and tournaments.
Lloyd is a regular poster on pinball newsgroup. Starting with a response on September 17, 1999 about pinball in the Twin City area, which led to trying to help people fix their games and get the most out of their hobby. While he's had many different hobbies and interests, he still likes to shop a pinball machine and stand back and enjoy the beauty of a pinball machine. A true work of art you can feel and play. And feels the best times are yet to come.If you want to learn more about Lloyd visit his website at or stop by and talk to him.

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